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We offer variety of electrical services to assist our customers. There isn’t a job too big or too small for us to handle. Customers can expect the following great services, but can extend a request for many more depending on their individual needs.

We specialize in: (Aluminium) Al Wiring, Security Systems, Fibre Optic Cables and much more!

Electrical System Installs


We install electrical systems including wiring and panels in new and old residential and commerical buildings. We cover single detached houses, townhouse complexes, complete condominium complexes, whole subdivision and commerical projects from one warehouse to the entire set of warehouses. We also manage all possible aspects of electrical systems such as lighting, safety, fire panels, workshops, airconditioning and heating, entertainment and more!

We are experts to do electrical installation for new spec homes with latest code requirements and and serving already so many satisfied builders and clients throughout Alberta. We specialize to do custom homes and lighting design with latest technology and use of LED lightings.

We also provide these services: 

Hi-tech trouble shooting

Power panel upgrade 

Electrical wiring upgrades

Home lighting design

Wireless lighting control

Shock prevention Device

Independent Electrical Inspections

Safety device installation and surge protection


We contract complete building work for all levels of commercial buildings


Apartments/Row/town houses

Strip Mall /Shopping Mall 

Franchise Restaurant


Metered Parking lot

Specialized industries Load balancing

LED lighting conversion for offices,warehouse or professional buildings or parking lots

Underground duct services installation

Home Electrical Inspections: 

Anybody who has tried to purchase, or sell a home, can understand the importance of hiring an electrician to do a home electrical inspection.  We will do a thorough inspection of the home to check for fire hazards, code infractions, or any other issue that may cause a home to be unsafe. Many people wait until an electrical issue takes place to contact their electrician, but it is always best to call one every few years to inspect the home to prevent issues from happening.

Electrical Panels:

Since the electrical panel is the heart of any electrical home system it is important to have it serviced every few years, and has them updated as needed. Our company can install and update electrical panels for our customers at their request.  With codes changing so frequently due to storm systems that can cause many electrical issues, it’s important that an electrician check the panel after any major storms to ensure it’s still working properly.

Surge Protection:

Many people fall victim to an electrical storm every day. Once an electronic item has been hit by lightening it can be expensive to get it replaced without the proper insurance. Electricians can come in the home and properly install surge protectors to keep a home’s electronic devices safe from an electrical voltage. In some cases a whole house surge protector can be installed, making the entire house safe during any electrical storm.

Lighting Installs:

Many of our customers may find themselves wishing they had more lighting in their home, or maybe flood lighting outside. Installing flood lighting is an added security to any home. The lights can be set up to flood common areas of the yard, as well as the darker areas that often go unsupervised. Once installed customers can either manually turn on their flood lights or have them set to a motion sensor.

TV Installs:

Often our customers purchase a brand new flat screen TV, but they are unsure how to properly mount the TV and install their equipment with it. Our electricians can take the guess work out and conduct proper TV install by offering you our install services. This service will ensure that the TV is properly mounted and will help avoid the risk of it falling because it wasn’t properly secured. Paying for such a service will save customers from having to spend several hundred more dollars on another brand new TV.

Troubleshooting, Repairs and Maintenance:

This is our most popular request from our customers. Often we get busy and don’t notice little things starting to go back with our electrical systems. Plug-in not working properly, light bulbs blowing out after they had just been installed, or lights not working at all. These are all signs of bigger electrical issues that need to be addressed before serious issues arise. These problems can start fires within walls, can trigger higher than normal monthly electricity bill. Our company can come in and fix the smaller issues and explain why they are taking place so that a maintenance plan can be set in place.

Electrical issues can arise out of nowhere, leaving people wondering where to turn. With the services we offer coupled with the personalized customer service, we hope to be the call that our customers make for all their electrical needs. No matter what the reason a customer may call us, we are always available to answer questions, offer suggestions, or even troubleshoot over the phone if necessary.  At Master Electricals, we understand that some electrical issues can come out of nowhere and cause issues with your budget as well. For those customers who are in need of assistance with a payment plan they can speak directly to somebody in our office and they can go over different options with you. The cost of an energy emergency should never be the reason why the issues aren’t resolved. Large repairs can often be paid over time, while smaller issues may be less pricy than customers think.  Having a working electrical system running throughout your home will benefit your home, your family, and your wallet.